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Team Support

In need of the right people to help develop your product? ITR8 can either complete your task force or supply an experienced team of product experts.

Innovation Projects

We help you to stay ahead of the competition by converting innovative ideas into products that connect business goals with user-needs.


What we have done


Who we are

Daniel Bollien

Daniel Bollien

Senior Product Designer (UX)

Daniel has over eight years of experience in User Research and Product Discovery. He has a chameleon-like ability to blend in client-side.

Nina Hallmanns

Ruben der Kinderen

Product Designer (UX)

Ruben is our clever hybrid, with experience in both physical product design and digital UX. A big advocate for human-centered design.

Jan Eric Kühne

Jan Eric Kühne

Senior Product Manager

Jan is a rare jewel, coming from both tech and design backgrounds. He is always creating better products through fast delivery and quick learnings.

Semir Chouaibi

Semir Chouaibi

Managing Director

Semir is a digital veteran and a product enthusiast laser-focused on solving difficult business problems. Ask him anything.

Judith Nguyen Thanh

Judith Nguyen Thanh

Program Manager

Judith is a highly experienced project manager eager to share her knowledge and passion for design and all things digital. Also the mother of our office dog, Milo.

Marek Chec

Marek Chec

Senior Developer

Marek is a developer with six years experience. He is always up to date with cutting edge technologies while keeping an eye on user needs.

Dan Hellert

Dan Hellert

Business Controller

Dan combines valuable expertise in financial operations with an open mind. A business solutions extraordinaire and talented in-house DJ.

Nina Hallmanns

Stephanie Cusack

Community Manager

Stephanie is a digital native with a passion for creating unforgettable events. Our online storyteller and content creator, she's also our resident yoga teacher!

Jana Schaer

Jana Schaer

Office Manager

Jana brings an extra spark our office with her positive presence and hands-on attitude. She is a creative mind with great social and organizational skills.


How we create great products

Lean UX

We use Lean UX to unveil the true nature of your work faster, with greater focus on the actual experience being designed.

Design Thinking

We solve complex problems by creating innovative and user-centered ideas that embrace the potential of technology and the requirements for business success.

Value Proposition Canvas

We work with you on creating meaningful products that are valuable to your customers.

Agile Development

We develop software by working in small iterations. By doing so, we can focus on individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Disruptive Innovation

Introduced by Harvard Business School, the Disruptive Innovation theory provides a methodology to identify user needs not yet addressed by products in the market. We use this to help even small companies create powerful products and face the big players in highly competitive markets.


Who we are looking for


Freelance Fullstack Developer

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Freelance Product Owner (20 hrs/week)


Freelance UX/UI Designer (2 days/week)


UX/UI Designer